carolina mustard barbecue sauce

Well I wouldn’t say this recipe was my typical Instagram sensation that I just had to try, but I was in need of a mustard barbecue sauce for pulled pork so here we are. After some light Google research, I landed on this recipe from a site called Destination: BBQ, with 4.6 stars from 5 very satisfied reviewers.

Let me start by saying that I hate overly sweet barbecue sauces. I consider it a risky item to not order on the side at a restaurant. Will there be 3 cups of brown sugar in a single serving? Will it taste like molasses with a pinch of salt? Will I feel like I just drank some brown honey with my ribs? One thing I’ve learned is that even if a restaurant is doing BBQ right, it doesn’t mean they’re doing the sauce right.

The idea of mustard in barbecue sauce really alleviates all of my high fructose corn syrup fears. The mustard is pretty much guaranteed to cut the sweetness, leaving a tangy and mildly spicy flavor that will make you feel like you’re actually eating a savory meal and not a dessert sandwich. South Carolina, you guys are doing it right.

The sauce comes together pretty quickly in one pan with mostly pantry ingredients. It will make your whole house smell like vinegar but who cares. The only thing I omitted was the liquid smoke hickory flavoring. Seemed unnecessary. I don’t really have another reason besides that.

I used this sauce for pulled pork from a pork shoulder that was slow cooked on a gas grill for about 8 hours. The homemade sauce really helped the whole meal feel like real barbecue despite not actually smoking the meat. It was not sweet but had the tang and spice that I’ve longed for. I would put this sauce on chicken, brisket, ribs, french fries, you name it.

Overall Ranking: 10/10 – What’s not to love really?


Would make again: Yes

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