HBH chocolate chunk coconut banana bread

Maybe I suck at banana bread or maybe I just didn’t love this but the Half Baked Harvest chocolate chunk coconut banana bread wasn’t my fav. It could be because there’s coconut oil instead of butter and honey instead of brown sugar but sadly no amount of chocolate chunks could save mine. It had a spongey consistency, it wasn’t sweet enough and overall I just wasn’t getting that banana bread vibe. Realistically, I will still eat it this week. I’m not going to throw away chocolate, especially in these trying times, but probably won’t make again.

One argument in favor of this recipe is the need for only one bowl. This was a game changer, especially in this new world where I eat three meals at home every damn day. That’s a lot of dishes. Luckily this didn’t add to that too much.

The other benefit is that this recipe is fairly healthy. If you’re going to eat chocolate filled bread while being stuck at home burning 8-10 calories watching Neflix, maybe this is a wise choice. Although, maybe it’s still just chocolate filled bread and you should take a walk. Who knows, I’m not a doctor.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Dishes: Super low

Would make again: Nope, just give me the bread with the refined sugar.

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