NYT’s Classic Deviled Eggs

Happy Easter weekend to my one dozen followers! I figured I should go on theme for a couple of recipes starting with deviled eggs, because the only thing more fun than hiding dyed eggs around your house is doing absolutely anything else with said eggs.

NYT’s Classic Deviled Eggs originally come from the “U.S.A. Cookbook”, which feels appropriate. The ingredients are simple and biting into one takes you back to 4th of July parties as a kid. If this quarantine ever ends, you better believe I’m bringing these to my next work potluck because everyone knows leaving cooked eggs sit out in a poorly ventilated conference room is the key to your next promotion.

In all seriousness, these were delicious. Creamy with a slight kick from the Tabasco and no unnecessary ingredients, like truffle oil, trying to hipster them up. Just a classic all-American party dish.

In addition, there’s a surprise bonus to this recipe. After boiling, while you’re waiting on the eggs to chill in refrigerator, make yourself a cocktail and skim the recipe comments on NYT’s page. The debate on whether using a ziplock bag injects estrogen into your filling brought me more joy than any Easter basket. Secondly, I realized I too would like my blog to spark fights between strangers so go wild in those comments below!

Rating: 9/10

Dishes: Moderate

Would make again: Totally

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