HBH Chocolate Mousse

As I waited for my Instacart order I placed six days ago (who can even remember what was ordered?), I looked through my Half Baked Harvest Super Simple cookbook trying to find something to bake with my dwindling leftover ingredients. I stumbled upon this chocolate “mousse” and thought, what the hell.

Apparently this isn’t really a mousse, as there are no whipped raw eggs and I could not care less. We’ve all got bigger things to worry about than the legitimacy of mousse. It consists mostly of just whipping some heavy cream, cream cheese and sugar. What’s not like to like?

It definitely earned its place in Super Simple because it probably took 5 minutes to make which was the level of effort I was looking for at the time. Once it set, I topped it with whipped cream and shaved chocolate Side not – shaving chocolate ribbons is highly satisfying. I may do this regularly as a sort of quarantine therapy.

Overall, the fake chocolate mousse was delicious. It’s super light and airy, which makes you think it’s probably not that bad for you. But don’t be fooled, there is nothing healthy about it. I wouldn’t change a thing, who needs raw eggs anyway?

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