When I think Molly Baz, I think abbrevs (i.e. CAE SAL), the wiener dog and this pasta. I’ve followed her for years you gotta love her. She makes good food while being pleasantly entertaining. While I’ll never reach her culinary level, I do hope one day people will associate me with pasta and dogs.

Now, this pasta isn’t my normal pasta vibe. I’m a spicy, red sauce person. Give me arrabbiata and bolognese and keep your stomach ache-inducing alfredo sauce away. I do realize not all cream sauces plop out of non-refrigerated jars, but typically the farthest I venture into the white side is penna alla vodka.

Well, in the spirit of having abso-f*cking-lutely nothing else to do, I figured I’d branch out of my monochrome bubble and try this lemony cream sauce. To start off, it did not call for any non-refrigerated dairy ingredients so I was able to proceed. There’s also a heavy amount of lemon in this (juice, zest and peel), which gave me hope.

The sauce itself is super simple and adding the noodles towards the end lets them soak up all that flavor. The old me would be shocked by these next words: for a cream sauce, it’s super light and the lemon cuts through all that heaviness. The pasta gets nicely coated while not turning soupy, and overall, it’s simply delightful. To make it feel like a full meal, I tossed in some spinach and shrimp. You can certainly eat it as is, or I’d say any light vegetable and/or seafood would be great. Consider me a cream sauce convert.

Rating: 8/10

Dishes: Moderate

Would make again: Honestly yeah, who am I?

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