ALISON ROMAN’S salted butter and chocolate chunk shortbread

AKA “THE cookies”

How the f*ck is it possible that someone was able to make, yet another, riff on chocolate chip cookies that went so viral, they were deemed, the cookies? That is just absurd. But wow, I mean, good for her. I guess once this blog is finally (rightly) deemed the blog, I’ll know how it feels. To my current loyal 31 followers: someday you’ll all be able to say you were there in the beginning (even through the quiche).

I thought these cookies would be harder to make, just being shortbread and famous and all. Maybe I wanted to be a little preemptively mad at them, but turns out it’s 1 mixing bowl. You don’t even have to sift flour. They do require chilling for 2 hours, so plan ahead, but it’s kind of worth it when you get that nostalgic childhood slice n’ bake sensation as you cut the log into little cookies.

I ended up rolling them in light brown sugar because I didn’t want to go buy demerara sugar (#quarantine) and that worked totally fine. They came out of the oven soft, slightly gooey but still crumbly as you would expect from shortbread. So let’s cut to it – they were delicious. The salted butter sounded unecessary but is perfect, plus the flaky sea salt takes it a step further. I couldn’t be mad at these cookies for 1 second. I ate 3 and then was just mad at myself. Turns out the internet was right, you better believe these certainly are THE cookies.

Rating: 9.5/10

Dishes: Low

Would make again: Yes, I embarrassingly already have extra dough in the freezer

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