When I stumbled upon the Instagram story of Natasha making these savory tarts, I thought they were way too delicate for my Tuesday night sweat pants and trash TV dinner routine. I wouldn’t want this naive little tart to hear reality TV stars arguing over who’s an alcoholic in the background. I should just order a pizza and accept who I am.

Then I realized, this tart IS a pizza. It’s a pizza in disguise and it’s holding all that produce you ambitiously bought last Sunday that you vowed to eat because you were “going to have a healthy week. Well great news, you don’t have have to guiltily throw away your baby kale in 3 days and you also don’t have to eat a salad. Truly a win-win.

I will say this recipe isn’t super easy, you do have to start early so you have time to make a the crust, but then you’re over the hump. It’s completely versatile from there. You choose a spread (i.e. ricotta, cream cheese, anything creamy and spreadable really). I went with a mixture of cream cheese, olive oil, chives and red pepper flakes. Then you dig through your fridge and find vegetables you know you won’t eat. For me, that was baby kale and shallots. I tossed those with olive oil, salt and pepper. Throw it all into the oven and in one hour you have a pizza, I mean a tart. It’s a tart.

I made some tomato soup to go with mine, because dunking, duh and it was so good. I felt accomplished because I had just made a godd*mn pastry on a Tuesday AND I ate a ton of vegetables. Look at me, a portrait of health and maturity in a time of uncertainty. Highly recommend you give it a whirl too.

Rating: 9/10

Dishes: High

Would make again: Yep

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