I haven’t made a grilled cheese in years because you know, I’m an adult and they just don’t often make my list of cheat foods. It’s hard to fit them in when you’re constantly prioritizing weekends full of tacos and margaritas. But if Molly Baz is making one, why not? I made this fancy grilled cheese during basically‘s Instagram live earlier this week and now I’m completely hooked on the live cook-along thing. Apparently that’s the level of social desperation I’ve reached, I would have probably made plain buttered toast had that been the dish. There’s something about a bunch of strangers and a food celeb making the same thing you are the same time. We are forever bonded.

The sandwich itself was as easy as you’d expect, it’s a grilled cheese. The added value comes in with a charred scallion and picked jalepeño relish. As you can imagine, it spices it up nicely, making it feel like it came from some new gastropub. It would pair well with patio seating and microbrews. She serves it with a side of mustard for dipping, which I loved, being a person who would dip plain bread into mustard and call it meal.

If you’re looking for a Friday afternoon pick-me-up, this sandwich will more likely put you into a food coma but it will spark joy, so pros and cons. If you’re looking for social interaction, start watching food instagram accounts like a hawk so you catch the next live cook-along. I can tell you that’s what I’m doing.

Rating: 7/10

Dishes: Low

Would make again: I think I got my fix

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