First of all, it’s not that spicy, I still covered it in Sriracha, so all of you worried about the spice level can relax. This chicken and veggie stir fry is the chopped salad of stir fry. The ingredients are all cut super small so it cooks quickly and you don’t have to use a knife to eat it. This is ideal for shoveling it into your mouth as it is on fire from all the Sriracha.

The peanuts add a nice crunch, careful toasting these, they burn super quickly. The batch pictured below is batch #2. And I’ll confess, I skipped the dates. I really went back and forth on this for a while. Call me a square, but I didn’t want my stir fry to taste like gummy vitamins. Also, I threw in red pepper because I had some. You could really throw whatever you want in here, the sauce truly makes it. The cornstarch thickens it nicely and tastes a little fancier than a weeknight stir fry, but is just as easy. Overall, a weeknight chicken dinner winner.

Rating: 8.5/10

Dishes: Low

Would make again: Some variation, yes

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