I’m calling this the little cake that could[n’t go wrong]. I truly tried my best to sabotage it along the way but it kept on fighting and somehow looked like a cake in the end.

First of all, I requested 1 lb of rhubarb and my Instacart shopper decided that 1 stalk would do, hence the sparse topping. Yes, I could’ve run to the store and gotten another stalk or two but motivation was low so I proceeded. (I think this actually helped the pieces not to sink while baking.)

Onto the recipe.. it starts off with noting that “This cake is designed to be mixed by hand“, somehow my pre-coffee Sunday morning brain equated that “no mixer” to mean “one bowl.” I’m not exactly sure how I made that olympic leap but I proceeded through the directions under that pretense. Once I got to the part about folding in the dry ingredients I went into a minor panic but once again, motivation (and ingredients) were too low to start over so I proceeded.

Finally, as the cake was nearing it’s time to be taken out of the oven, I casually laid on a float in our pool, unable to hear my phone timer, trying to feel how long 9 more minutes was. I will say I guessed closer to 12, but alas, aside from some crispy edges, it was no worse for the wear.

Originally I wanted this cake to be fluffier, but it is hand mixed so it’s going to be thinner and dense. The rhubarb cuts through that density and brings a nice springy tang. You could easily convince yourself this was a breakfast cake, it was delicious topped with whipped greek yogurt and more lemon zest. Would pair well with a strong iced latte. Overall, it’s a great morale boost because despite the abuse this cake takes along the way, it will still satisfy.

Rating: 8/10

Dishes: Really low if you do it wrong

Would make again: Yes, maybe even correctly

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