Yes this is called shallot pasta but I think of it more as anchovy pasta but maybe that wasn’t as marketable. I too grew up thinking anchovies were a gross little fish that adults put on overly cheesy pizza. It wasn’t until my 20’s I discovered that a caesar salad becomes 1000% more delicious when they’re topped with anchovies. I still think you have to be careful mixing fish and cheese. Cesar salads are a go, asking for parmesan on your linguini with clams is a no, but I digress.

Apart from homemade caesar dressing, I didn’t really know what else to do with anchovies until this pasta came along. My tinned fish world was so limited, and now I have doubled the amount of recipes I know (yes, from 1 to 2).

The other main component of this is, obviously, shallots. The recipe yields enough paste to make two batches, which you will appreciate after peeling and thinly slicing six shallots. Next time all you have to do cook noodles, and combine with the pre-made paste, some pasta water and you’re done.

The shallots get nice and caramelized and the anchovies magically melt into them. Who knew anchovies could melt? The tomato paste binds it all together. Swirling the noodles in the pan for a few minutes leaves you with more of a coating than a sauce, in the best way.

Tastes great served in a heart shape paired with caesar salad topped with, yes, more anchovies

Rating: 9.5/10

Dishes: Moderate

Would make again: Yes, with or without the leftover paste

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