Yes, I’m aware that chili is a warm and comforting winter food and it is, in fact, May. However, when you do it with shredded chicken, it feels summery and light. Then if you add the queso factor, it feels like something you’d enjoy outdoors, listening to music on a hot day in Austin, TX. I don’t live in Austin, but I imagine they spend their summers on patios, eating queso, listening to country music.

The “queso” in this chili comes from cream cheese which sort of feels like you’re just stirring in calories but it does make it super creamy, so you get over that real fast. The vegetables get roasted before they’re added, giving it a little extra flavor. The end result is a thick, chip-dunkable chili that you really can’t get enough of. I made mine in a dutch oven instead of an insta-pot or crock pot and it worked great. Pairs well with Cholula and 7-8 servings of tortilla chips.

Rating: 8/10

Dishes: Low

Would make again: Yes, and a bigger batch

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