This is more of a riff on the Molly Yeh cookies. I guess I was feeling creative, probably because my only other creative outlet this past month has been attempting to dip powder my own nails (do not recommend).

I mostly followed this recipe with just a couple of tweaks. She stirs in chocolate chips and I chose to melt the chocolate at end and dip the cooled cookies. This increased their instagrammable appearance and was almost therapeutic. I topped with coconut at the end so mine didn’t get toasty in the oven. No regrets here, although I’m sure her way is also delicious.

The cookies have a unique flavor, using tahini and coconut oil as the fat. I haven’t done a ton of baking with tahini and I’m a fan now, it gives it a surprising edge. The recipe is easy, doesn’t destroy your kitchen and is a nice change from your average CCC. They make a great dinner sandwich cookie (a cookie you eat before AND after dinner for no reason at all except impatience).

Rating: 7.5/10

Dishes: Moderate

Would make again: Yes maybe even the intended way

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