I’m back on the Instagram live cookalongs. I’ve reached the point where I’m moving meetings to accommodate them. It’s by far the most riveting part of my quarantine. This chicken salad was a good one.

Chicken salad fans all have their go-to formula and mine is typically a simple Greek yogurt base with red onion and celery. I’m anti-mayo in all things, I hardly ever ever use it. Swapping it for yogurt isn’t a sacrifice in my mind so why not choose the healthy option?

Well, I put my mayo prejudices aside and followed the recipe as directed (which was half mayo and half yogurt), so I could get the full experience. I told you I’m all in for the cookalongs. This mixture blended with herbs was a nice change my more plain version. I did miss having the bite from some red onion so I think I’ll add that next time. But other than that, solid chicken salad. Pairs well with grainy mustard and sneaking bites on mute during meetings.

Rating: 8.5/10

Dishes: High bc blender

Would make again: Some variation, yes

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