It’s FRIDAY and what better time to make an elaborate breakfast sandwich? This was either one of the first Healthyish recipes or at least the one of the first ones that caught my attention years ago. The picture looks like a bacon, egg and cheese at first glance, but there’s a twist. Roasted red onion replaces bacon, therefore making it “healthyish.” Make no mistake, there’s still bread, butter, and cheese but you’ve at least eliminated some grease.

The sandwich is marketed as a hangover cure that won’t ruin your day. I think this is pretty accurate. I didn’t go into a food coma and the sense of accomplishment I got from roasting a vegetable at 6am really catapulted me into productivity. I’m not saying I deep cleaned my fridge or anything, but I did empty the dishwasher.

Other than roasting an onion (I used shallot because it’s all I had), it’s standard breakfast sandwich level of effort. The onion with hot sauce herb spread made this unlike any other breakfast sandwich I’ve tasted which was great. We’re all looking for new excitement in this Groundhog Day world. It was delicious, didn’t taste too healthy and felt like like a treat. Highly recommend giving it a whirl.

Rating: 9.5/10

Dishes: Low (pro tip – roast on foil so you don’t have to early-morning-wash a baking sheet)

Would make again: Many times

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