Even in quarantine, when there’s no way to differentiate the days, I wake up craving pancakes on Sunday. My body just knows, similar to how my dog mysteriously knows it’s his dinner time at 4:59pm each day. This pancake recipe actually comes from a super old Betty Crocker cookbook, like I can’t even find it on Amazon, but here’s a close variation. This is the go-to in our household.

You may notice the manual hand mixer in the picture, and might be thinking, what is this medieval tool? My husband grew up using this and now continues to use it exclusively for pancakes. I actually call it the ‘pancake mixer’ and had to Google “old pancake mixer” to figure out what it was even called.

The recipe really isn’t any harder than Bisquick (just more ingredients) and doesn’t afford you any more dishes so in my mind, there’s really no reason to not make them from scratch. Half the time, I add blueberries, today I kept it simple, The pancakes are the perfect consistency. Light, fluffy and prime to soak up 6-7 recommended servings of syrup. Pairs well with bacon and Mother’s Day FaceTimes.

Rating: 10/10

Dishes: Moderate

Would make again: Every Sunday

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