I can’t say I’ve ever made a plain pound cake before and it took some restraint to not throw a bunch of lemon and poppyseeds into this, but I succeeded. This recipe actually comes from the Martha Stewart Newlywed Kitchen cookbook but here is a very similar one.

The recipe was very straightforward, it’s a pound cake so it’s all basic ingredients. My version said to bake for 70-85 minutes but I see the online version has been updated to say 65. Mine was a little crispy around the edges at 70 minutes, and I assume this would be completely inedible at 85 minutes, so don’t do that.

The “optional” glaze is key, honestly, let us have some fun, Martha. I used lemon juice and powdered sugar for mine but you could get creative here (other citrus, berries, alcohol.. go wild). If you do end up slightly over-baking it like me, you can simply not eat the end pieces and the middle will be just fine. It was a fun little cake to make.  The texture isn’t too heavy, tastes like summer and was very effective in fighting off Monday Scaries.

Rating: 7/10

Dishes: Low

Would make again: I’ll probably go lemon poppyseed next time

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