I can’t say I immediately think of lamb and yogurt when I think of pasta, but this recipe looked intriguing. Maybe it was the extremely bright green color or the 4.9 stars that caught my eye. This Middle Eastern inspired dish is definitely unlike any pasta I’ve ever made.

The recipe is fairly easy, only one pan other than the pasta. I had to use shells because I couldn’t find orecchiette and I skipped the currants, but no other changes. The lamb and nuts act as a nice topping that get brown and charred and add a salty, spicy element. The creaminess of the pasta sauce cuts through that with good contrast. While it seems rich, it’s all yogurt, no heavy cream or cheese, plus it’s green so it must be healthy.

I enjoyed making this and eating it. I’m not totally sure I would make it again because it is so unique and there are a lot of other pastas in my rotation that it has to compete with. But it was good and added a nice wildcard into the week’s dinners.

Rating: 7.5/10

Dishes: Moderate

Would make again: Probably not, only because there are just so many pastas to try

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