New strategy to combat Sunday Scaries: wake and bake.. the PG version. By mid-morning, you’ll be enjoying your coffee alongside a scratch-made baked good. Coffee + food will bring you back to life and you’ll get a little dopamine rush from the sense of accomplishment, which you just can’t get from an Egg McMuffin. May I suggest this sour cream coffee cake?

I tend to turn to Betty Crocker for the classics and she delivered. This two-bowl recipe is easy-peasy and won’t overload your Sunday morning brain. You simply make the dough, make a filling and therapeutically layer them into a bundt pan. I kept it simple with no glaze, which sped up the process and allowed me to eat it still warm.

The cake was delicious, the sour cream adds a nice moistness but still leaves it super fluffy. The layered filling lets you get some caramelized crunch in almost every bite (important) and I never thought twice about missing the glaze. Obviously, pairs well with hot covfefe.

Rating: 10/10

Dishes: Moderate

Would make again: Yes, would be great for feeding lots of people if we ever hang out with lots of people again.

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