I’m a big fan of fish in burger form. If crab cakes are on the menu, I’m probably ordering them and salmon burgers are in my biweekly dinner rotation. I never eat them with an actual bun because they don’t need it. This isn’t deli turkey or a hamburger, it’s delicate fish, so no, you don’t need to hide them a sesame seed bun. They stand alone, should be eaten with a fork and knife and be accompanied with a large helping of fries.

I’d never heard of cod cakes until this recipe and it caught my eye. Another fish that will cake? I had to try it. The cod gets poached first and then mixed with softened celery, onions, and the usual egg-breadcrumb-spice mixture to hold it all together. Cooking the actual cakes were trickier than salmon or crab as the pieces of fish are bigger and you have to be more careful while flipping. Other than that, it’s your standard fish cake recipe.

In the end, the cod cakes were delicious. They are now ahead salmon for me in the fish cake rankings. The Old Bay and white fish texture gives them that crab cake similarity while still feeling super light and maybe healthier? And I can’t say it enough, serve with fries, you won’t regret it.

Rating: 10/10

Dishes: High

Would make again: Yes, worth the dishes

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