It’s week 10 of quarantine and I finally found some g*ddamn active yeast. Of all the things that disappeared from the shelves, yeast and antibacterial wipes were my last two luxuries that had not yet reappeared. Still holding out for the wipes.

For my first yeast requiring recipe, I went straight for bread. I know everyone is forming life long bonds with their sourdough starter pets but I waited long enough for the ingredients, I don’t have anymore patience. This no-knead bead comes from Half Baked Harvest‘s Super Simple cookbook and it is in fact super simple. I’m serious, it took 5 minutes to combine the ingredients and then you let it rise til you’re ready to bake. It bakes in a dutch oven and comes out super crisp with a pillowy center.

The bread honestly tastes like sourdough without having to feed and nurture a starter that may require more care than an actual pet. Although I haven’t succumbed to that trend (yet), I did turn the first slice into avocado toast which redeemed all my basic street cred. It was delicious, highly recommend giving it a try if you’re in need of a low effort, high reward carb.

Rating: 10/10

Dishes: Low

Would make again: Maybe weekly

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