Alright, everyone from California just calm down. I too live in the state of tacos filled with carne asada, mahi-mahi, carnitas, even cactus. I get it. Ground beef tacos are what our parents made us before we knew there was spit-roasted al pastor. HOWEVER, I had some leftover ground sirloin from MDW burgers and thought I’d take a stroll down Old El Paso lane.

Ok I didn’t go that far, I just googled “beef tacos” and found these. They came very highly reviewed from How Sweet Eats and looked pretty good in the pictures. The beef tacos of my childhood came with lettuce, sour cream, cheese and a crunchy shell. These HSE tacos are needless to say, a few steps up from that. The beef is seasoned with real spices, no mystery packets here. The cherry tomatoes and pickled onion add some actual flavor, not just more fat. And there’s even avocado to soothe every Californian’s worries.

These tacos were a dream from the get go. It turns out ground beef takes about 10 minutes to cook in a nonstick, which is a bit easier than 3 hour carnitas in a dutch oven. The seasoning is perfect, giving you that childhood beef taco flavor, yet elevated. The toppings add a freshness and at no point did I wish I was eating carne asada.

After this meal, I now plan to feed my future children nothing but ground beef tacos. They will live in bliss never knowing the world of seasoned slow cooked meats in scratch made corn tortillas and their mother will never spend more than 10 minutes on dinner or dishes. I could write a whole parenting book based on this thesis, but for now I’ll stop in hopes I’ve convinced you all to #makegroundbeefgreatagain.

Rating: 8.5/10

Dishes: So low

Would make again: Yes, my children will know no other tacos

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