Alright so this is more of a riff on SM’s risotto as we’ve apparently reached the point in quarantine where everyone has bought all of the arborio rice at every store. I would like to see just how much risotto these people are eating. Will they remember that arborio rice = risotto when they go digging through their pantry in a week? Or will it just appear to be some exotic rice that they don’t recall needing. For now I’ll stop judging and assume that everyone is giving their risotto the appreciation it deserves.

Back to this recipe…this type of dish is my dream dish. A one pot saucy protein-carb combo with something green. I used white rice (same quantity) and it turned out great. You’ll be full, don’t have to slave over dishes and feel healthy that you threw in an entire bunch of spinach. It’s all a win.

The recipe comes together quickly and really you could simmer as long as you like. The sauce is tomato-y with a little spice from the sausage. The rice helps bring it all together and you don’t even notice the spinach. It made excellent leftovers as well. Solid weeknight rotation meal. If this review inspired you to go buy some arborio rice, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Rating: 8/10

Dishes: Low

Would make again: Yep

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