Take out naan is never great. That charred oven taste doesn’t last and I get soggy pita vibes more than anything. On the contrary, naan has always been on the list of things I’d never attempt at home, considering I don’t own a tandoori oven. Well, after watching @halfbakedharvest make her homemade naan on Instagram stories about 50 times and considering my social calendar isn’t exactly bursting at the seams, I figured I have some time to experiment.

Turns out, not super hard. The dough recipe is a pretty standard yeast bread plus yogurt, no idea if that’s the norm for naan. You let it rise for a couple hours and then it’s ready to go. A critical component here is a super hot cast iron skillet. A regular skillet won’t work. It takes about a minute on each side and then you’re ready to feast.

I’d recommend making whatever your go-to, simple curry is that you’re already familiar with. The naan is a bit of an adventure and that first flip is scary. You don’t want to be worrying about blending peppers in a food processor during this, keep it simple. Or not, maybe you’re better at multitasking. Either way, definitely pair with curry because few things are better than fresh naan dipped in spicy curry.

Rating: 9.5/10

Dishes: Moderate

Would make again: YES

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