You could say I’ve been stalking Dutch Babies on Instagram for years now. They’re similar to the French dessert, clafoutis, but don’t sound like an STD. Although, now realizing the name is still not ideal for something you cover in syrup and devour. Either way, these giant, photogenic pancakes are worth a try.

I used the NYT Cooking recipe because it seemed pretty legit with over 5000 glowing reviews. The batter isn’t hard, it’s similar to pancake batter but then you don’t have to make a dozen individual pancakes (that is the normal serving I believe). It bakes in a cast iron skillet and rises beyond oblivion in your oven. Highly recommend cleaning your oven window prior so you can watch/take video that you’ll never look at again.

I used an 8in skillet instead of the recommended 9in which could be the reason that my baby was enormous, not complaining though. You can either go a savory or sweet route once it’s done. I went sweet and topped with fresh berries, powdered sugar and maple syrup. If there was any doubt in anyone’s minds, it was obviously spectacular. The dough is airy and soaks up all the syrupy goodness. I could see this being really good with a runny egg as well.

Rating: 9/10

Dishes: Low

Would make again: Indeed

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