Nothing screams age insecurity like making funfetti cake for your own 33rd birthday. I debated making a more complex cake that required a mirror glaze or bruleed orange peel or something equally over the top but instead decided on artificially dyed sugar. AKA sprinkles. And when I think of sprinkles, I think of Molly Yeh.

This funfetti recipe comes from her cookbook Molly on the Range and I’d say it’s the grand finale of the dessert chapter. It calls for imitation vanilla and the sprinkles of your childhood. No natural dyes made from organic beet juice or the ceremony-grade matcha here, It’s ok, you’re not making it for your yoga instructor, this is real deal funfetti cake with buttercream frosting.

The recipe produces a white cake (better for pops of sprinkle color) that is light but tastes more homemade than something from a box which makes it worth your time. There are three layers for maximum frosting to cake ratio. You can go wild with decorating or if you don’t want to wash eight bowls of different colored frosting, you can just top it with more sprinkles. My husband and I ate the entire thing in 6 days which wasn’t a PR but wasn’t bad either. It was delicious and I miss it already. Pairs well with cold milk and wondering how you got this old.

Rating: 10/10

Dishes: High

Would make again: We’ll see how insecure I feel next birthday

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