Being pregnant in the summer doesn’t allow for my usual large glass of rosé to cool off so I thought maybe popsicles would be fun (words I thought I’d never say). I scoured the internet for some “healthy popsicles” that also contained chocolate (so not that healthy) and found these chocolate coconut ones from Tasty.

The recipe isn’t hard, first you Amazon Prime a popsicle mold with 1-day shipping, then blend cocoa powder, coconut milk and honey and freeze. After mine were nice and frozen, I thought I would add some pizazz (this is getting sadder and sadder) and drizzle some melted chocolate over them.

I think in my head these were going to taste like a chocolate covered fudgesicle, but that’s not really possible if you don’t add any sugar or cream. Instead they tasted like – you guessed it – healthy popsicles, with a hint of cocoa. Kinda bland, not that satisfying and I’m pretty sure I ate some real chocolate immediately after. Alas, the popsicle search continues, stay tuned to my exciting journey.

Rating: 4/10

Dishes: Moderate (molds are annoying to wash)

Would make again: Nope

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