I became a biiig fruit guy when I got pregnant. I think I’m just craving sugar out of boredom and putting fruit in baked goods makes them seem like there’s a shred of nutritional value. Anyway, these modernized strawberry muffins stood out amongst a sea of other breakfast options this week.

Aside from the 17 bowls you need for this (ok it’s 4), the recipe is nothing crazy. I made them the morning of and no one died of starvation while waiting. The recipe calls for just the egg yolks which creates a nice rich dough (who needs egg whites anyway?) The muffins get topped with candied sliced almonds which makes them superior to all other muffins.

The texture of these is perfectly moist and by day six, they had lost none of that moisture. Cannot attest to anything longer as there weren’t any left on day seven. The strawberries are delicious but the top is the best part. Don’t skimp on the almonds because you’re going to want more regardless. I skipped the freeze dried strawberry dusting because I couldn’t find that, will try harder next time. Pairs well with the weekend.

Groceries: You probably have everything

Dishes: High

Will make again: Oh yes

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