I would really like to be one of those moms that has an unwavering routine. Not like a morning yoga + egg white omelet routine, but like a Friday homemade pizza routine. I read that Molly Yeh has an alarm on her phone to make pizza dough every Thursday afternoon and I think this could be future me.

I’ve seen this Bobby Flay pizza crust all over the gram and it comes with several hundred of five star reviews. The dough comes together in about 5 minutes and then just needs time to rise. If you’re like me, you’ll assemble your entire pizza on the counter, have an incredibly difficult time trying to transfer it to your pizza pan and then panic fold it into a calzone that you can barely lift. Luckily, this dough yields enough for two so you get one practice calzone and one pizza in the end.

The dough was great and you could argue that’s the make-or-break part. This pizza stays fairly thin while baking, only puffing up the crust. It got pretty crisp in my regular old, non-pizza oven which has me convinced it’s worth not doing takeout. I recommend going nuts with the toppings and exercising little to no artistic self-control. I went with mozzarella, artichokes, jalapeños, anchovies, olives, roasted red peppers and basil (yes really all of those things). I just hope next-week-me remembers how good this was and doesn’t snooze that Thursday dough alarm.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1518.jpg

Groceries: Easy

Dishes: Moderate

Will make again: Hopefully weekly

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