Let’s be real, I definitely did this one for the ‘gram, but it was actually pretty good. You could treat yourself to this fancied up watermelon OR if your kids are being a-holes, you could tell them that pizza is for lunch and then serve them this. Both would spark joy for me.

The watermelon is covered with a spread of greek yogurt, mascarpone and honey so that’s a great start. You can also optionally brush with Campari but I had to skip that because you can’t have anything fun when you’re pregnant. I would not skip the mascarpone, that was probably the best part. Your “pizza” toppings then include cherries, sliced almonds, mint leaves and orange zest – go easy on the mint.

Overall, this was pretty delightful. The main downside is Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar is 100% going to be stuck in your head afterwards. But just watch the music video while eating and fully commit. Despite the successful dose of self-care here, I can’t really see myself buying these ingredients to make this again. But I could see throwing random things on a slice of watermelon at some point. With no wine for 4 more months, anything is possible.

Groceries: A lot for fake pizza

Dishes: Low

Will make again: Maybe a variation

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