She had me at sheet pan. When my dozens of followers finally turn into millions (next weekish?), the first person I hire will be a dish washer. And I’ll pay well because it’s truly the worst chore. When I make a sheet pan dinner, I cover the pan in heavy duty foil like it may as well poison the food if any contact is made. This pan-is-lava mentality makes for terrible pictures but post-dinner happiness.

On top of the no dishes, this sheet pan chicken is all about the sauce and sauce is key. The chicken gets marinated in a Gochujang glaze to bake and then broils for a few minutes at the end which adds a nice crispiness. I subbed cauliflower for the sweet potatoes but you could probably use whatever veggie you’re not sick of at the moment.

For the topping, you mix half of the reserved glaze with yogurt or another creamy condiment for a richer sauce to drizzle on after. I used Greek yogurt and didn’t love it. I may leave that out or splurge with sour cream next time. Pro-tip: serve with some microwavable rice for a truly no-clean-up night. This was delicious and spicy and made a nice little weeknight dinner. Will be adding to Asian dinner rotation.

Groceries: Easy

Dishes: None if you’re careful

Will make again: Yes

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