Whenever I make a pie, people are like, “yikes, what holiday is it?”. But if I make bars, which literally the same thing in a different shape, people are like, “yum, I’ll have one or eight”. Something about pie spooks people. So here we are: Bon Appetit’s best key lime pie in bar form.

I really had no idea what key lime pie entailed, other than delicious layers, but the only annoying part was having to juice a million key limes. They are tiny and you need a lot of juice. I used zest from a regular lime because that was less bitter. The crust is easy, being graham cracker, and you can snack on half a sleeve of crackers while you make it. The hardest part is waiting for the middle layer to cool long enough to put on the whipped cream-yogurt topping but definitely recommend not rushing this.

Overall, these bars were delicious and no one got the pie spooks. The crust has a nice saltiness, the filling is a good balance of tart and sweet and the fluffy cream topping is a must. Three layers really makes them feel like a legit bar. One thing I’d do differently is line the pan with parchment paper so they’re easier to get out without mangling. And despite the upcoming pie-appropriate holiday, I think I’d still be Team Bars.

Groceries: Medium complexity

Dishes: Tip – Keep washing/reusing that same bowl as each layer bakes

Will make again: Yes but probably seasonally

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