Probably not what you expected to see amongst your 4th of July feed of cherry pies and red, white and blue charcuterie platters but I figured you’d had plenty of those. When you’re sick of hot dogs and you can’t possibly eat another chip tomorrow, you may want to sneak away for something lighter, like sardine toast. Or this post may just ruin your morning if you’ve got the traditional 5th of July hangover. But in my head, this is what all the carefree people are eating on the Mediterranean all summer long, with their Aperol spritz’s and face masks they’ve somehow made fashionable.

I’m a big anchovy fan so I thought I’d delve deeper into the world of tinned fish. I stumbled upon this NYT Cooking recipe that comes highly reviewed and only takes 10 minutes. I definitely spent more time photographing these little fish than eating them.

Upon opening the tin, sardines definitely don’t look appetizing so be prepared. My husband actually left the house and went to get to get lunch somewhere else during this adventure. But just power through. The garlic-y toast can hold up to the fish and the tomatoes and onion are a good contrast. Think of it as a more advanced version of a bagel with lox. The fresh lemon adds the brightness to combat the fact that these came out of a tin. I loved it all together. It was salty but not overpowering like anchovies, yet more exciting than salmon. I immediately Googled “best sardine brand” because according to the recipe comments, there are levels. Pairs well with alone time and sparkling water.

Groceries: Low

Dishes: Paper plate optional

Will make again: Indeed

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