Technically these are Christmas cookies, but I think they were just slightly ahead of their time. If only BA knew that tie dye would have its 15 minutes of fame during a global pandemic just a few months post-holiday cookie swaps. What a twist.

I haven’t felt like cooking or baking or Instagramming much this past week so I needed something lighthearted to get back to it. The tie dye cookies were a great choice. The cookies are easy to make and the whole tie dye process is a little therapeutic. Highly recommend watching the video of Rick (on recipe page) going through his tie dye method. It’s not difficult, just takes some practice but the good news is, you can wipe off the icing and start again if you screw up.

The end result is delicious. I like that these aren’t your boring sugar cookie. They are unexpectedly flaky, butter cookies that aren’t too sweet so they stand up to the icing and it’s easy to accidentally eat four at a time. Being mid-July, it’s hot in my house so I’ve been keeping them in the fridge and they are delicious chilled as well. I may never eat them room temperature again.

Groceries: Moderate

Dishes: Lots of bowls for colors

Will make again: Maybe for a party if we ever have those again

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